DIAMONDS getting worldwide airplay

Seems like there are places in the world taking note of SISTER MERCY's new album "Diamonds". So far there have been stellar reviews from Soundarts in Greece, Roadhouse 700 worldwide, Severn FM in England as well as Kansas, Michigan and NYC. Keep on....

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Diamonds – Sister Mercy New CD out July 2

SISTER MERCY's sophomore album will be available July 2, 2018. Called "Diamonds" this album of mostly original music sparkles with April Brown's vocals and strong rhythmic sounds. Two years in the making, it is worth the wait. You can get your's on Amazon or CD Baby.

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Walkin’ in Memphis

Memphis ....the mecca for blues, hosted SISTER MERCY on its Beale St.  Two nights we played our hearts out at Alfreds.  Then we made it to the SEMI-FINALS.  And that meant we played at B.B. Kings on Beale St.  Could it get any better?  Well, we could have made the...

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