Sister Mercy’s new album, Diamonds… wow! It simply is amazing and I don’t say that lightly! It will be an honor for me to turn folks on to this album. I have Buddy Guy’s new track with Keith Richards and Jeff Beck right next to your music. I can’t say there are many locals I can do this with, so know…you guys have raised your bar quite a bit with this one. This disc has such a great sonic sound to it, and the writing is awesome as well. Each tune is thoughtful and well put together. It really does kick ass… you guys are the audio equivalent to a fine 15 year scotch…say a good bottle of Macallan! Steve Pringle KGON Sunday Night Blues

International Blues Challenge Semi-Finalist 2016

Portland Journey to Memphis Winner 2015 & 2017

Best New Band Muddy Award Nomination 2015

Best Contemporary Blues Band Muddy Nomination 2017

International Blues Challenge Semi-Finalist 2018


SISTER MERCY possesses a high energy, blues driven sound. Lead singer April Brown is mesmerizing with her powerful, beautiful presence, full range vocals and complete joy in performance. The talented Scott Garcia adds guitar and vocal textures. Rounded out with Roger Espinor on drums, John Webb on bass and Debby Espinor on keys. SISTER MERCY has a unique place in the blues along with April Brown’s velvet voice the rest of the band supplies strong background vocals and original music. Semifinalist in the International Blues Challenge 2016 and 2018, SISTER MERCY was also nominated for Best New Band and Best Contemporary Blues Band for the Cascade Blues Association Muddy Awards. SISTER MERCY presents music that is a pleasure for the ears and a show that is a feast for the eyes.

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From their opening song, Brown’s powerful vocal delivery and range were quite impressive live, and watching her was mesmerizing at times. A strong performance by a great band with deep roots in the Oregon music scene, when you need your fix of some great gospel-tinged, smoky R&B, go see this band! John Alcala

Editor, Vortex Magazine

“OMG! It will be an honor for me to turn folks on to this album. You guys have raised your bar quite a bit with this one. This disc has such a great sonic sound to it without scraping the headroom! Amazing sound. The writing is awesome as well, your tunes are so thought out and are well put together. It really does kick ass, good for you guys!!! This one is a favorite child for me! You guys are the audio equivalent to a fine 15-year scotch…say a good bottle of Macallan!!!”

June 2018 Steve Pringle

DJ, KGON FM 92.3

Head Over Heels is an exceptional debut that will garner a lot of attention for a band brimming with talent. Sister Mercy is destined for success and this is the right step in that direction. Greg Johnson

President, Cascades Blues Association


DIAMONDS getting worldwide airplay

Seems like there are places in the world taking note of SISTER MERCY's new album "Diamonds". So far there have been stellar reviews from Soundarts in Greece, Roadhouse 700 worldwide, Severn FM in England as well as Kansas, Michigan and NYC. Keep on....

Diamonds – Sister Mercy New CD out July 2

SISTER MERCY's sophomore album will be available July 2, 2018. Called "Diamonds" this album of mostly original music sparkles with April Brown's vocals and strong rhythmic sounds. Two years in the making, it is worth the wait. You can get your's on Amazon or CD Baby.

Walkin’ in Memphis

Memphis ....the mecca for blues, hosted SISTER MERCY on its Beale St.  Two nights we played our hearts out at Alfreds.  Then we made it to the SEMI-FINALS.  And that meant we played at B.B. Kings on Beale St.  Could it get any better?  Well, we could have made the...

New SISTERMERCY.ROCKS Website Launched

It's a fresh clean look for the new SISTER MERCY band.  In February 2017 we added Scott Garcia to the lineup on guitar and he has quickly become a crowd favorite with his impressive vocals and equally impressive playing.  In April 2017 we...